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Frankincense 'can ease arthritis'

Some of the 70 patients with severe arthritis in their knees recruited into the trial were given a Authentic Jack Tatum Jersey low dose Howie Long Raiders Jersey capsule, some a higher dose capsule, Jack Tatum Raiders Jersey and the remainder were given a dummy pill with no active ingredients.

In as little as seven days, patients taking the frankincense drug reported improvements in their pain and stiffness levels compared with the placebo group, and these continued until the 90 day mark, when the study ended.

Tests of the fluid within affected joints also revealed falls in levels of enzymes linked to the condition.

Dr Raychaudhuri said: "We have shown that B. serrata enriched with AKBA can be Jack Tatum Jersey an effective treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee."

However, UK experts urged caution. Professor Philip Conaghan, from Leeds University, and a spokesman for the Arthritis Research Campaign, said: "Certainly osteoarthritis is in need of new safe analgesics, although many effective therapies that reduce Howie Long Jersey pain such as muscle strengthening exercises, shock absorbing footwear and weight loss have very few bad side George Blanda Jersey effects.

"This report on Authentic Howie Long Jersey treating knee pain with a chemical derivative of B. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.

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Former Main Line tennis standout Fenimore now coaching at EA

Tennis is a lifelong sport that continues to provide life lessons on and off the court. Former Episcopal Academy and Lower Merion High School standout Courtney Fenimore hopes to share those lessons with younger players.

Recently, Fenimore returned to Episcopal Academy to help coach Whitaker Powell with the Episcopal Academy girls' tennis team.

really great to be back at Episcopal helping out, said Fenimore. hope I am able to help these girls realize tennis should be fun and that you need to enjoy yourself on the court. I wish I realized that when I was consumed with tennis and I hope to pass that message along to younger players who are going through everything that I went through at their age.

EA girls' tennis coach Whitaker Powell said, makes me very proud to have Courtney on the coaching staff. To see how much she has grown up since she first arrived [at Episcopal] is a proud moment for me. She has been very helpful sharing her insights about tennis.

is really great having Courtney, said senior co captain Marian Prim. is always there for guidance and she understands everything because she has been through similar situations.

Fellow senior co captain Steph Pino added, is really nice having Courtney here. She is a great player who has helped me on and off the court. I have hopes of playing collegiate tennis and it is nice to have someone here who has gone through the process.

Following her storied high school career, Fenimore enrolled at the University of Delaware with plans of taking her tennis to the collegiate level. After beginning her sophomore season, the years of tennis began to Evan Mathis Jersey catch up with Fenimore.

Following a conversation with her coach, Laura Travis, Fenimore decided it was time to step away and take a break from the sport she had became consumed with since she was 3 years old.

The break from the court turned out to be just what Fenimore needed. After stepping away, Fenimore was able to focus on her studies and decide what career path to take. By the time her sophomore year came to an end, she had a strong desire to work with young kids during the day and hopefully have the opportunity to end her day coaching high school students.

loved the sport but I think I just got burned out, Fenimore said in a recent phone interview. was Authentic Jordan Matthews Jersey a young, talented player who became consumed with the sport. I loved playing and it never stopped being Kiko Alonso Jersey fun but I needed a break. I knew I would miss playing but it was time. Continued.2

break was well timed. It allowed me to focus on my academics and just be a college kid. It turned out to be the best thing.

Last summer, Fenimore interned with the Goddard School in King of Prussia and really enjoyed herself. When she contacted them after graduating from Delaware in May, unfortunately there were no positions available.

Unsure what she would do, Fenimore received a call from the Goddard School at Authentic Evan Mathis Jersey the end of the summer, informing her a position was available.

Fenimore first stepped on the court at the age of 3. At age 9, she was one of the top players in the district and earned a spot in zonals. At zonals, Fenimore traveled with her teammates and competed against other districts.

By age 14, Kiko Alonso Eagles Jersey Fenimore was in what she called the prime of USTA Middle States and National Tournaments. As she continued to be consumed with tennis, she made a difficult decision to leave Episcopal and attend Lower Merion High School.

Fenimore said, was a difficult decision to leave Episcopal. However, I decided it was time for me to branch out and try something different. I went to Lower Merion and helped them capture the PIAA Class AAA state Jordan Matthews Jersey title.

turned out being a good decision for me at that time. I was very focused on tennis. It fortunately worked out for me.

Fenimore has plans of working for a few years before returning to graduate school, where she plans to get her Master Degree in education.

For now, Fenimore is enjoying teaching the younger kids and finishing her day working with high school students in a sport that she has gained a renewed love.2

Tennis is a lifelong sport that continues to provide life lessons on and off the court. Former Episcopal Academy and Lower Merion High School standout Courtney Fenimore hopes to share those lessons with younger players.

Recently, Fenimore returned to Episcopal Academy to help coach Whitaker Powell with the Episcopal Academy girls' tennis team.

really great to be back at Episcopal helping out, said Fenimore. hope I am able to help these girls realize tennis should be fun and that you need to enjoy yourself on the court. I wish I realized that when I was consumed with tennis and I hope to Evan Mathis Eagles Jersey pass that message along to younger players who are going through everything that I went through at their age.

EA girls' tennis coach Whitaker Powell said, makes me very proud to have Courtney on the coaching staff. To see how much she has grown up since she first arrived [at Episcopal] is a proud moment for me. Jordan Matthews Eagles Jersey She has been very helpful sharing her insights about tennis.

is really great having Courtney, said senior co captain Marian Prim. is always there for guidance and she understands everything because she has been through similar situations.

Fellow senior co captain Steph Pino added, is really nice Authentic Kiko Alonso Jersey having Courtney here. She is a great player who has helped me on and off the court. I have hopes of playing collegiate tennis and it is nice to have someone here who has gone through the process.

Full Stream Ahead Web entertainment sites are attracting fans

The Internet entertainment venture was created last fall by some of the most powerful and talented executives in

Hollywood, including Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Ron Howard. Microsoft co founder Paul Allen invested $50 million, so money wasn't a problem. A top Disney executive

signed on to Wholesale NFL Jerseys run the operation, and stars like Steve Martin and Drew Barrymore agreed to make short films for the Website. Declared Katzenberg: "Just as MTV introduced a new

entertainment forum for music videos, we think this new enterprise will offer a new form of entertainment for Internet users."

It hasn't worked out that way. Pop's a flop its Website hasn't launched and probably never will. Its owners laid off all but a dozen or so people in early September. Now Katzenberg

describes the experience of trying to build an Internet entertainment site as "humbling." And an executive at another big studio asks, "If those guys can't do it, who can?"

Who, indeed? Entertainment on the Internet, a notion that has attracted hordes of would be Spielbergs and such well heeled investors as Allen and Netscape founder Jim Clark, for now

remains mostly an unfulfilled promise. Most of the pioneers who have tried to deliver short films, animation, TV shows, or movies online have attracted tiny audiences and piled up red

ink. One wildly overhyped site, called the Digital Entertainment Network, burned through $67 million in venture capital before going bankrupt last spring; investors Chase Capital,

Intel, Microsoft, Dell, and NBC were among the losers.

But the category shouldn't be prematurely buried because of a couple of high profile failures. Internet entertainment is still looking for its own William S. Paley or I Love Lucy a

brilliant entrepreneur or creative breakthrough to help define the new medium. A solid business model would help too. "There isn't a rational economic model for the creation of

Internet entertainment content yet," says Yair Landau, president of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment. That's why big players like Sony, Disney, and America Online have been

reluctant to pour money into what's been called Netcasting.

"We're a little bit ahead of ourselves Wholesale NFL Jerseys in bringing this content online," says Justin Post, Internet media analyst at Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown in San Francisco, who's bullish on

Internet entertainment in the long run. But right now, he says, "it costs more to deliver content on the Internet than you can monetize." He's counting only the costs of encoding,

storing, and delivering multimedia content, not production or marketing costs.

No matter dozens of companies, mostly small, are out there aggregating and producing Web shows, and many more want into the game. venture capitalist whose fund, Jump Investors, gets about

ten entertainment oriented business plans a week. "They want to create the next South Park online. They wholesale jerseys think they've got the next $1 billion franchise."

What makes the business so alluring is that a sizable audience already turns to the Internet Cheap NFL Jerseys for fun. The trouble is, not many of them log on to watch the literally thousands of short movies and

TV like "shows" now online. More new shows will debut this fall on the Internet than on television, but fewer people will tune in to all of them, taken together, than saw a single

episode of CBS's Survivor. For the typical dial up user, watching animation or short films online is frustrating:

Either you can peer at streaming, herky jerky images on a matchbook sized screen or you can wait for content to download, which is no one's idea of fun.

What's needed to clear up the picture? Mostly patience, the enthusiasts say. Internet entertainment sites will flourish once broadband and wireless connections to the Web proliferate

and the online advertising business matures, going beyond banners to so called rich media ads that look like TV commercials. That, plus personalization, should add up to a business:

Entertainment sites can store programs on the Web, aggregate eyeballs over time, and learn who their viewers are and what they like; that will be Cheap Jerseys valuable information for both

Fortune never smiled on Sonny Liston

Today's selection is "O Unlucky Man," WilliamNack'spiercing profile of the sad life and tragic death of one time heavyweight champion SonnyListon.

SOMEDAY THEY'REGONNAWRITE A BLUES SONG JUST FOR FIGHTERS. The windows were open too, and the doors were unlocked. It was quiet except for the television playing in the room at the top of the stairs. on Jan. 5, 1971, Geraldine had not spoken to her husband for 12 days. On Christmas Eve she had called him from St. Louis after flying Authentic Bo Jackson Jersey there with the couple's seven year old son, Danielle, to spend the holidays with her mother. Geraldine had tried to phone him a number of times, but no one had answered at the house. At first she figured he must be off roistering in Los Angeles, and so she didn't pay his absence any mind until the evening of Dec. 28. That night, in a fitful sleep, she had a vision so unsettling that it awakened her and sent her to her mother's room.

''I had the worst dream,'' Geraldine says. ''He was falling in the shower and calling my name, 'Gerry, Gerry!' I can still see it. So I got real nervous. I told my mother, 'I think something's wrong.' But my mother said, 'Oh, don't think that. He's all right.' ''

In fact, SonnyListonhad not been right for a long time, and not only for the strangely dual life he had been leading spells of choirboy abstinence squeezed between binges of drinking and drugs but also for the rudderless, unfocused existence he had been reduced to. Jobless and nearly broke,Listonhad been moving through the murkier waters of Las Vegas's drug culture. ''I knew he was hanging around with Authentic Lester Hayes Jersey the wrong people,'' one of his closest friends, gamblerLemBanker, says. ''And I knew he was in desperate need of cash.'' So, as the end of 1970 neared,Listonhad reached that final twist in the cord. Eight years earlier he was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world a 6 ft. 1 1/2 in., 215 pound hulk with upper arms like picnic roasts, two magnificent, 14 inch fists and a scowl that he mounted for display on a round, otherwise impassive face. He had won the title by flattening Floyd Patterson with two punches, left hooks down and up, in the first round of their fight on Sept. 25, 1962; 10 months later he had beaten Patterson again in one round.

Listondid not sidestep his way to the title; the pirouette was not among his moves. He reached Patterson by walking through the entire heavyweight division, leaving large bodies sprawled behind him: WayneBethea, MikeDeJohn, Cleveland Williams, NinoValdes, Roy Harris,ZoraFolleyet al. Finally, a terrified Patterson waited for him, already fumbling with his getaway disguise, dark glasses and a beard.

Before the referee could count to 10 in that first fight,Listonhad become a mural sized American myth, a larger than life John Henry with two hammers, an 84 inch reach, 23 knockouts (in 34 bouts) and 19 arrests. Tales of his exploits spun well with the fight crowd over beers in dark wood bars. There was the one about how he used to lift up the front end of automobiles. And one about how he caught birds with his bare hands. And another about how he hit speed bags so hard that he tore them from their hinges, and ripped into heavy bags until they burst, spilling their stuffing.

''Nobody hit those bags like Sonny,'' says 80 year old JohnnyTocco, one ofListon'sfirst and last trainers. ''He tore bags up. He could turn that hook, put everything behind it. Turn and snap. Bam! Why, he could knock you across the room with a jab. I saw him knock guys out with a straight jab. There was his fearsome physical presence; then there was his heavy psychic baggage, his prison record and assorted shadows from the underworld. Police in three cities virtually drove him out of town; in one of them, St. Louis, a captain warnedListonthat he would wind up dead in an alley if he stayed.

In publicListonwas often surly, hostile and uncommunicative, and so he fed one of the most disconcerting of white stereotypes, that of the ignorant, angry, morally reckless black roaming loose, with bad intentions, in white society. He became a target for racial typing in days when white commentators could still utter undisguised slurs without TedKoppelasking them to, please, explain themselves. In the papersListonwas referred to as ''a gorilla,'' ''a latter day caveman'' and ''a jungle beast.'' His fights against Patterson were seen as morality plays. Patterson was Good,Listonwas Evil. On July 24, 1963, two days after the second Patterson fight,Los Angeles Timescolumnist Jim Murray wrote: ''The central fact . . . is that the world of sport now realizes it has gotten Charles (Sonny)Listonto keep. It is like finding a live bat on a string under your Christmas tree.''

The NAACP had pleaded with Patterson not to fightListon. Indeed, many blacks watchedListon'sspectacular rise with something approaching horror, as if he were climbing the Empire State Building with Fay Wray in his hands. Here suddenly was a baleful black felon holding the most prestigious title in sports. This was at the precise moment in history when a young civil rights movement was emerging, a movement searching for role models. Television was showing freedom marchers being swept by fire hoses and attacked by police dogs. Yet, untouched by image makers,Listonsteadfastly refused to speak any mind but his own. Asked by a young white reporter why he wasn't fighting for freedom in the South,Listondeadpanned, ''I ain't got no dog proof ass.''

Four months afterListonwon the title,Esquirethumbed its nose at its white readers with an unforgettable cover. On the front of its December 1963 issue, there wasListonglowering out from under a tasseled red and white Santa Claus hat, looking like the last manon earth America wanted to see coming down its chimney.

Now, at the end of the Christmas holiday of 1970, that old black Santa was still missing in Las Vegas. Geraldine crossed through the carport of theListons' split level and headed for the patio out back. Danielle was at her side. Copies of theLas Vegas Sunhad been gathering in the carport since Dec. 29. Geraldine opened the back door and stepped into the den. A foul odor hung in the air, permeating the house, and so she headed up the three steps toward the kitchen. ''I thought he had left some food out and it had spoiled,'' she says. ''But I didn't see anything.''

Leaving the kitchen, she walked toward the staircase. She could hear the television Authentic Fred Biletnikoff Jersey from the master bedroom. Geraldine and Danielle climbed the stairs and looked through the bedroom door, to the smashed bench at the foot of the bed and the stone cold figure lying with his back up against it, blood caked on the front of his swollen shirt and his head canted to one side. She gasped and said, ''Sonny's dead.''

''What's wrong?'' Danielle asked.

She led the boy quickly down the stairs. Lester Hayes Jersey ''Come on, baby,'' she said.

On the afternoon of Sept. 27, 1962,Listonboarded a flight from Chicago to Philadelphia. This was the dayListonhad been waiting for ever since he first laced on boxing gloves, at the Missouri State Penitentiary a decade earlier. Forty eight hours before, he had bludgeoned Patterson to become heavyweight champion. Denied a title fight for years, barred from New York City rings as ) an undesirable, largely ignored in his adopted Philadelphia,Listonsuddenly felt vindicated, redeemed. In fact, before leaving the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, he had received word from friends that the people of Philadelphia were awaiting his triumphant return with a ticker tape parade.

The only disquieting Fred Biletnikoff Jersey tremor had been some other news out Bo Jackson Raiders Jersey of Philadelphia, relayed to him by telephone from friends back home, that Daily News sports editor Larry Merchant had written a column confirmingListon'sworst fears about how his triumph might be received. Those fears were based Fred Biletnikoff Raiders Jersey upon the ruckus that had preceded the fight. The New York Times's Arthur Daley had led the way: ''Whether Patterson likes it or not, he's stuck with it. He's the knight in shining armor battling the forces of evil.''

Now wrote Merchant: ''So it is true in a fair fight between good and evil, evil must win. . . . A celebration for Philadelphia's first heavyweight champ is now in order. Emily Post probably would recommend a ticker tape parade. For confetti we can use shredded warrants of arrest.''

The darkest corner ofListon'spersonality was his lack of a sense of self. All the signs from his past pointed the same way and said the same thing: dead end. ''Maybe they think I'm so old because I never was really young,'' he said. Usually he would insist he was born on May 8, 1932, in the belly of the Great Depression, and he growled at reporters who dared to doubt him on this: ''Anybody who says I'm not 30 iscallin' my momma a liar.''

''Sonny was so sensitive on the issue of his age because he did not really know how old he was,'' says McKinney. ''When guys would write that he was 32 going on 50, it had more of an impact on him than anybody realized. Sonny didn't know who he was. He was looking for an identity, and he thought that being the champion would give him one.''

Now that moment had arrived. During the flight home, McKinney says,Listonpracticed the speech he was going to give when the crowds greeted him at the airport. Says McKinney, who took notes during the flight, ''He used me as sort of a test auditor, dry running his ideas by me.''

Listonwas excited, emotional, eager to begin his reign. ''There's a lot of things I'mgonnado,'' he told McKinney. ''But one thing's very important: I want to reach my people. I want to reach them and tell them, 'You don't have to worry about medisgracin' you. You won't have to worry about mestoppin' your progress.' I want to go to colored churches and colored neighborhoods. I know it was in the papers that the better class of colored people werehopin' I'd lose, evenprayin' I'd lose, because they was afraid I wouldn't know how to act. . . . I remember one thing so clear about listening to Joe Louis fight on the radio when I was a kid. I never remember a fight the announcer didn't say about Louis, 'A great fighter and a Bo Jackson Jersey credit to his race.' Remember? That used to make me feel real proud inside.

''I don't mean to besayin' I'm Lester Hayes Raiders Jersey justgonnabe the champion of my own people,''Listoncontinued. ''It says now I'm the world's champion, and that's just the way it'sgonnabe. I want to go to a lot of places like orphan homes and reform schools. I'll be able to say, 'Kid, I know it's tough for you and it might even get tougher. But don't give up on the world. Good things can happen if you let them.' ''

Listonwas ready. As the plane rolled to a stop, he rose and walked to the door. McKinney was next to him. The door opened, and he stepped outside. men. ''Other than those, no one,'' recalls McKinney. ''I watched Sonny. His eyes swept the whole scene. He was extremely intelligent, and he understood immediately what it meant. His Adam's apple moved slightly. You could feel the deflation, see the look of hurt in his eyes. It was almost like a silent shudder went through him. He'd been deliberately snubbed.

''Philadelphia wanted nothing to do with him. Sonny felt, after he won the title, that the past was forgiven. It was going to be a whole new world. What happened in Philadelphia that day was a turning point in his life. He was still the bad guy. He was the personification of evil. And that's the way it was going to remain. He was devastated. I knew from that point on that the world would never get to know the Sonny that I knew.''

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Frankie Valli On Hair Products And Finding His Falsetto

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had their first No. 1 hit 50 years ago this month. "Sherry" was the start of a career that has lasted half a century. 19.

Valli spoke to Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon about singing impressions and hair products. Hear the radio version at the audio link and read more of their conversation below.

"I had a manager that thought that Castelluccio was too long and no one would understand it. At that time, he could've called me anything he wanted as long as I was getting this shot."

And I'm told that the group wasn't always called The Four Seasons.

"Well it was called so many names. It was everything from The Varitones to The Romans to The Topics to The Village Voices. And there were some names we can't use on radio that might upset a lot of people."

Now I'm told that there was an actual 'Four Seasons,' but not the fancy hotel or restaurant.

"Right, it was a cocktail lounge in a bowling alley. We went there to play in the cocktail lounge and didn't get the job, and on the way out, looked up and said, 'Boy, what a great name for a group!' "

I gotta ask you about the falsetto. What made you decide to sing up there?

"I don't know. You know, I thought everyone had falsetto. And since I wasn't a schooled singer who studied with anybody, I just thought anybody who had a voice could do anything they wanted with their voice. Not until much later on in life did I realize I had been blessed with an incredible range, and then I saw it from a different perspective."

Is it any harder to hit those notes nowadays?

"I'm sure there's a note or two that may not air. What happens is that you gain some lows and lose some highs as you get older. In most cases you change keys in songs you'll come down a half tone or a full tone and that's about it. Singers are no different than bodybuilders. You have to sing every day. You have to try to stay in great shape. So anybody out there that wants to be a singer, it's no smoking, no drinking and no substances if you really want to keep it and be able to go out there and continue to do it. So basically you have to live a pretty clean life."

The musical Jersey Boys has been so successful. I gather there were some stories that are related in the musical that you didn't necessarily feel that it would help you for the public to know when you were actually living those years?

"Well, all through the early days of our success, the one thing that I was afraid of more than anything was that the public might find out we were not clean cut kids who went to church every Sunday. Some of the guys in the group had prison records. So we just prayed and hoped that nobody would ever find out.

"When it came down to doing the play, Bob Gaudio said to me, 'Ya know, if we do a play, and it's going to be about our lives, we have to lay it all out there. Are you ready to do that?' At that particular time, there were so many record artists that had not made it yet until they got arrested. So at this point in time, I said, 'What difference is it going to make?' So he went along with that and so did I. We were just very careful to try not to hurt anybody."

Was music your step up and out?

"That was my only way out. I mean I don't know what would've happened if it wasn't for being involved in the music business. You know, I started out very young, and I was really convinced as to what I wanted to do. And I would buy these songbooks. It was lyrics to all the songs that were popular at the time. And I would sing along when these songs were being played on the radio, and then I started to mess around George Blanda Raiders Jersey a little bit with doing impressions. And by doing impressions, I began to realize what this vocal mechanism was really capable of doing. And I took a little from the various different people that I liked a lot and created a style of my own.

Singers are no different than bodybuilders.

"Impressions Authentic Jack Tatum Jersey really open it up for you and make it wide. You have to think of it this way: If someone goes to a singing coach in most cases, if there were 20 people who went to this singing coach and they were all baritones, they probably would all sound pretty similar. That's his way of teaching. But by doing impressions, you can broaden that scope. You can learn how does this guy do this and that guy do that and this lady do this and that one do this. And by doing these impressions and getting as close as you can, you will develop things. There will be more possibilities when you're singing, depending on the Authentic Howie Long Jersey song you're singing. As far as lyrics were concerned, in my opinion, there was never anybody quite as good as Frank Sinatra. There was no one that could sing a lyric like he could.

"When you think about it, the interpretation of a song is very, very important. Hit records are a combination of a lot of things, but first of all and most importantly, in my opinion, you have to have a song. The performance is very important and the arrangement is very important and the production is very important. But without the song, all of those other things don't mean quite as much.

"Having a style is very important in making it. Even as time went by, the first time you heard The Four Tops, you knew right then and Authentic George Blanda Jersey there was nobody that you'd ever heard in your life that sounded like Levi Stubbs. There just wasn't! That goes all the way down with every singer, whether it was Clyde McPhatter and the days when he was a Drifter. You knew it was him. Elvis Presley had a very unique voice.

"Establishing a style is important. It really is. But a lot George Blanda Jersey of singers get Howie Long Jersey so involved with their instrument and more so than they do in what they're singing. I think you really have to think about what you're singing. You have to make the public believe what you're singing, and in order to do that, you have to believe it."

I have also read that if you hadn't become a singer you would have been a hairdresser.

"Right, until I realized that you couldn't sing and do hair at the same time. . I loved doing hair because it was very, very creative. But working in a shop was just not for me. I've always considered myself to be a creative person. Doing hair means to do someone's hair to complement their face. When the customer's telling you what they want and it's not right for them, it can be very frustrating."

You know, Joe Pesci began as a hairdresser in a hair salon.

"Right, and Jack Tatum Jersey Joe Pesci used to cut my hair. . Joe Pesci and I are really close friends from a family place to a one on one place. Joe Pesci comes from an incredible family. We all hung out in the same neighborhoods and knew all the same people. Joe Pesci is also one of those people who probably if he didn't get involved in the acting business would've probably been mobbed up. That's the way we grew up when we Jack Tatum Raiders Jersey were kids. That's the way it was. Joe Pesci was as talented when he Howie Long Raiders Jersey was a kid as he is right now. But sometimes things are not happening or you're not in the right place at the right time or whatever. Joe Pesci's also an incredible singer and musician. He plays the guitar and sings very well."